Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue - Nick Martin's
Hi my name is Harry and I am a Green Iguana. I have lived at Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue for a number of years and I am a firm favourite of everyone who visits us. 
I had a hard start in life and don't know where I would be without the charity. Recently two young lady Green Iguanas came into the rescue after their owners could no longer look after them. I could not believe my luck when I found out they were moving in with me. Unfortunately, as I am quite an elderly gentleman they just look the other way, awaiting their Prince Charming. I don't mind the company as long as we all get a fair share of food. 

An iguana's day is quite a relaxed one and most of the time you will see my two lady friends and myself lying on our tree trunks, basking under our heat lamps. Our enclosure is a fantastic playground so every now and again we will be very active, clambering everywhere. Unfortunately we are sometimes not that graceful at doing this, so if you see us, please don't laugh. When our dinner is served it is quite a healthy one consisting of vegetables and lots of mixed fruit. Our bowls are full to the brim when we first get them, however, after a short while there is not a scrap remaining. 

As you can imagine all this feeding and heating is quite costly and in order to be able to care for us Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue has to raise vital funds. If you can assist in any way possible please contact the rescue straight away. 

Harry X